Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lovely! Heather's outfit by Dani

Today is opening day for the EB kids' clothing swap!
Dani made this cute little outfit for Heather (who is almost 2). She did a great job - so many perfect details like gathered patch pockets on the shorts, topstitching and hand stitched facings and hems.Dani also included two pieces of fabric and some choclates in the parcel - you can guess what had happened to the chocolates before I even got the camera out!

Susan has opened her parcel for Kaiden, so I can show pictures of what I made for him:

Western shirt from a Surefit pattern and shorts from Ottobre 5/2006 (#19 Corduroy pants).

The vest is also from Ottobre 5/2006, but I simplified it and changed the shape of the front edge to make it more like the vest that Woody wears in Toy Story.

Rear views:

1 comment:

becanne said...

Both outfits are great!
Dani went a bit retro there, and it looks so sweet. I love the pockets on the shorts.
And that set you made for Kaiden is amazing. That shaped yoke on the shirt must have taken a bit of time. The whole thing looks like it came from some up-market, very expensive boutique.
Can't wait to see the red set too...